Monday, 14 October 2019

A Message From Inventor Tom

A Message From Inventor Tom


With Lord Sugar I’ve been so fortunate to launch my STYLFILE ergonomic nail files, a safety spy hole baby nail clipper and most recently STYLPRO makeup brush cleaner and dryer. Something I keep being asked for is teeth whitening that works. We’d all love Whiter teeth, teeth that really make you want to smile right? 
After a lot of thought and research into the problem. I wondered, what if we put blue light technology into the bristles of a toothbrush and added a small amount of whitening ingredient into a toothpaste to whitening every day as part of daily routine. For the last two years I’ve been obsessed with turning this idea into reality.
Teeth whitening happens when stains are removed from the tooth ‘enamel’, or when the colour of the layer underneath the tooth enamel called ‘dentin’ is changed. Using sonic vibrations and PAPtech in the toothpaste, STYLSMILE, my latest invention, aims to do both 
The STYLSMILE is by far the most complex project I’ve ever worked on. 
Finding a way to make a sonic toothbrush, with blue lights was very tricky, with the added problem of ensuring only the brush head vibrates not the handle and stopping water or toothpaste getting inside the handle.
The next problem was getting an effective whitening agent into a toothpaste that could be used every day and twice a week in a whitening booster tray. Whitening agents are problematic as they love mucking up other ingredients. There are also restrictions on some whitening ingredients.
 It's been such a huge task there is no wonder I believe it’s the first time it’s ever been done! It’s been a long project, but I’m so proud of the results. I tell you, brushing your teeth with this tooth brush is so cool, especially at the mirror in low light.
It's very important to note, the blue lights you see are NOT UV light. STYLSMILE uses blue light technology, this blue light is sometimes called cold light. Blue light is known as a great way to accelerate or energise whitening in the dental industry.
The STYLSMILE toothpaste contains ‘phthalimido-peroxy-hexanoic acid’ or PAP. A non-toxic, peroxide free whitening agent which also has anti-plaque and long lasting bacteria benefits.
The STYLSMILE toothpaste, tastes just like regular toothpaste and contains everything recommended you for healthy and clean teeth. It can be used as your daily toothpaste AND also with the accelerator tray meaning you only have 1 tube to worry about.
For best whitening results, we’ve also included a blue light accelerator tray which can be used for 15 mins twice per week. Personally I use it in the evening, after brushing my teeth, whilst I'm getting ready for bed.


In an Independent consumer trial of 50 people, 88% almost 9 in 10, said they had whiter teeth after 4 weeks using the STYLSMILE. On average their teeth where 3 shades whiter and 1/4 of the user's teeth were 5 shades or more whiter! 
The STYLSMILE achieves such amazing results but it’s important to note STYLSMILE only works on natural teeth, not veneers or false teeth.


Lord Sugar and I believe so much in STYLSMILE we are offering a 100% money back guarantee should you not be satisfied. Terms apply.
I really hope you are excited to try my latest invention and first steps into the dental industry. I'd love to see your STYLSMILE journey, so please make sure you tag us @stylsmile_uk in any videos and photos on social media. Me and my team would love to see your results!


Wednesday, 9 October 2019

A Cluttered Space = A Cluttered Mind

My name is Tracy Ross and I am a Professional Organiser. I set up Blissfully Organised eight years ago to support my clients to simplify their home management and make better use of the space that they have.

I am often asked how clutter affects our brains and the positive benefits of decluttering. I wanted to share with you my thoughts. I hope that you find it useful.

Where do we learn our organisation skills?
The way we organise the space in our homes is individual to each person, but a well organised home will save you time, save you money and reduce stress levels. Often when I am with a client they will say oh I got that from my Mum. We may adopt the same organisational traits as our parents or sometimes we rebel against those and do things differently.  For example, if you grow up in a busy home you might prefer to create a calmer environment in your own home. Alternatively, if your parents were very organised and didn’t hold onto items (maybe they disposed of a favourite toy when you were little) you may now feel a stronger sentimental attachment to the things that you own.

Why do we hold onto things?
Since I started Blissfully Organised 7 years ago I have found that there are some key reasons why people hold onto the things that they have.
1.       I might need it one day
2.       Strong sentimental attachment to items that they have inherited or been offered as a gift from special family/friends
3.       It was expensive. You may have treated yourself to an expensive pair of shoes or jacket that you no longer wear but want to hold onto
4.       Books/crafting materials I will read it or make it one day

Why is it difficult to let things go?
The more that you are emotionally attached or financially committed to an item the more you feel that you need to keep it.  We attach a value to each new item coming into our home making it harder for you to give them up.
Does Clutter Really Affect Your Mind?
Clutter can play a significant role in how we feel about our homes workplaces and ourselves.  Messy homes or workspaces can leave us feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Each person’s perception of clutter is unique to them. All my clients have different things in their home that are important to them and need to be managed. I work with them to create easy home management systems that will reduce clutter. Your home should be a place where you can relax away from the chaos of day to day life. If clutter can build up it will have an impact on your mind.
Physical Clutter
Visible clutter or chaotic storage cupboards in your home or work environment bombards your mind with excessive messages and creates chaotic signals. It can affect you in one or more of the following ways:
1.       Clutter distracts us by drawing our attention away from where our focus should be
2.       Clutter makes it more difficult to relax, both physically and mentally
3.       Clutter creates visual reminders of everything that needs to be done
4.       Clutter creates feelings of guilt (I should be more organised) and embarrassment (I don’t want people to see the chaos in my home)
5.       Clutter frustrates us by preventing us from locating what we need quickly e.g. paperwork, car keys etc.
6.       Managing clutter takes more time (i.e. looking for misplaced items or preparing for guests to arrive) and costs more (the cost of replacing items and purchasing duplicate can add up, incurring late fees or not getting the best rate on your utilities or investments)

Digital Clutter
Clutter isn’t just physical clutter. Digital clutter has the same impact on your mind as physical clutter i.e. managing the files on your computer, managing your digital photos on various gadgets, responding to and managing emails, social media alerts, App updates etc. Anything that beeps for your attention will impact your ability to focus and perform tasks.

How can reduce the Clutter in My Home?

1.         Start with one area at a time and finish decluttering that area before moving onto the nest space. This will give you a sense of achievement. I am always there to support you if you need non-judgemental support with any specific area
2.       Create designated spaces for frequently used items and supplies. So that you can quickly and easily find what you need when you need it.
3.       If you don’t use it, don’t want it or don’t need it get rid of it. You can recycle or donate items that are still usable.
4.       The items that you use less frequently should be stored in less accessible places i.e. loft, garage, utility room. When you put things in the garage/loft add a date and keep an electronic list. If you have not accessed, it within a year you probably don’t need it.
5.       When you take something out of its designated storage space put it back when you have finished using it. It takes practice to begin with but if you have a designated space for everything that you need it is much easier.
6.       Be aware of what you and other people bring into your home. Don’t let papers pile up. Think about the journey of all papers entering your home/workspace. You need to create an arrival space for all incoming papers. I usually recommend a shallow in-tray. Then spend 15 minutes each day sorting through what needs to be actioned, items to recycle and those can that be filed away. Get into the habit of immediately recycling papers that you don’t need right now. If you want to find out the information you can do this very easily.  i.e. flyers, menus newspapers etc
7.       Mental clutter -focus on one project at a time without distractions of mobile social media etc

I offer a confidential and non-judgemental service to support my clients to declutter and organise their homes. I provide the emotional support, practical help and motivation to help you achieve your goals, step-by-step. To find out how I can help you tame the chaos and set up easy to manage systems to maintain a clutter free environment please contact me at
Tracy Ross
Professional Organiser
Blissfully Organised