Nuffield Health is a not for profit charity dedicated to increasing everyone’s knowledge in relation to their own personal health as well as supporting in their fitness and wellbeing journey.
Within this project we’re donating 1000 complimentary health checksinto the local community this year focusing on employees’ health and wellbeing. We will be appearing at various local events & festivals alongside corporate functions.
The great thing about this journey with our corporate partners is this also ticks the box for their employee’s wellbeing and benefits calendar through the year. Any business can have up to 4 of these events per year completely free.
Events include physical & emotional wellbeing via a health professional / physio who can deliver individual 1-to-1 support or group presentations. We supply booking sheets for these so they don’t effect the day to day business routine. All results and information sheets will be given on the spot.
The NHS recommends a minimum of 150 minutes moderate exercise per week so to help support you our events will include a complimentary 7 day family pass for your team.
We can also support charitable events such as office challenges or healthy month campaigns. All events are completely bespoke to each business to suit your needs.
Therefore, please get in touch with any your team wellbeing activity ideas you may have for your company and we can support you with this where we can.
For any more information, please contact

Nuffield Health BuiltAroundYou.

Exercise has been proven as a natural relief to several medical conditions both physical & emotional. We have heated swimming pools and on site physiotherapists to help with the journey.
Some of the conditions exercise has been proven to help are:
Rehabilitation, ADHD, Stress, Depression, Anxiety.